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Would you like to learn more about about being a Tentmaker?

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Tentmaking is a different path to global missions

Tentmakers do their job and earn a living from their job while loading their conversations and free time full of Kingdom focused intentionally.
  • Find a job in your area of expertise – in an “unreached” part of the world.
  • Earn a salary – from a university or corporation.
  • Use English – in the workplace.
  • No age limit – from student to retiree.
  • Manage your own – call and ministry.
  • Begin a home church – or C.A.R.E. group.
  • Participate online in evangelism training – and Tentmaker communitee.


Become a Holy Spirit filled professional doing quality work among people who haven’t yet met Jesus

Grow your potential as Tentmaker.

Your university taught you many things, but likely not how to plant a church in Allahabad! GoTential helps fill in some of those blanks.


“I want to say thank you for your help in this process, especially your personal coaching to look closely at what our core family values and goals are! Your help has been invaluable.”

Wayne , Agricultural Entrepreneur, Russia

“Gotential! what a encouragement you are! Thank you for not giving up on us. Despite our lack of communication, we really value your wisdom, support and prayer.”

Darin, Lawyer, Egypt

“Your devotionals have been great; they are also my only source of missional spiritual fulfillment.  Your coaching has been my fuel out here.”

Nicole, NGO Director, Kazakhstan

“Thank you very much for all these resources! All the topics I needed to know! I am very grateful for the training.”

Anna, UI Designer, Phillipines

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