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GoTential is about people.  We are building leaders to coach other leaders.  We are training professionals to give the gospel and to become trainers themselves for effectively mentoring other soul winners.

GoTential uses our own unique coaching and discipleship methodology, and upholds others in their work as well.  If you are preparing to go as a tentmaker or see yourself as a tentmaker now, you may register to join GoTential’s online training network: here is a video describing our system.


On this page you will find a list of Adventist training schools for people just like you. Though some of the training below isn’t intended for cross-cultural missions as a Tentmaker, none-the-less each school will equip you to be a better steward of truth and inspire you to live a life of soul winning for Jesus. In many cases they offer 3-6 month programs, but there are also shortened versions of each program for people who can only get away for a week/weekend.

Adventist Frontier Missions

The purpose of this training program is to prepare you for mission life.

Always There For You

Courses cover various topics such as mission anthropology, spiritual issues, and much more.

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Amazing Facts Bible School

Are you longing to better understand your Bible? Amazing Facts will help.

California, USA

Equipping lay people with the tools essential for both Gospel and Health  Evangelism.



For you to become a disciple-making disciples. Spirit-filled and Spirit-led.

United States - Australia

Designed for anyone who wants to be better equipped for everyday ministry.

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F.A.S.T. Missions

Want to climb higher in your walk with God? Get FREE tools and training from FAST!


FAST offers a full suite of discipleship tools to help you grow in your walk with God.

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Gateway Church

Outreach materials, videos and Bible studies on different topics


Health and well-being; mentoring and life coaching.

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Emmanuel Institute

Become an active soul winner and an agent of revival and reformation.

Michigan - USA

Rekindle the missionary spirit through the Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism.

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Learn more about missionary education & evangelistic training


M.E.E.T. is a multi-faceted, Christian, charitable, faith-based ministry.

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Simple Church

A New Testament House Church Network


Become a Simple Church planter. Coach other Simple Church planters.

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The Wildwood Center for Health Evangelism exists to train medical missionaries.

Georgia - USA

Get trained to do community health outreach at your peace.

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