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Asking Questions


In the gospels Jesus asks 307 questions. He is asked 183 of which he only answers 3 directly. How can you ask better questions to those around you? Here are three tips:

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Seven Pain Points


As a conduit of God’s grace you understand that workplace pain is an opportunity to sow healing. There are seven big ‘pain points’ that people around you at work may be experiencing:

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Moon Walking


So let me show you how you can unpack a Bible promise for a friend who needs it. First let’s consider a few promises of the type I am talking about.

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When Salt meets Gold


The Bible tells us that His word is like gold, pure gold. That’s the wonderful thing about the Bible — it doesn’t need sifting, but it is glad for some salting! Let me explain.

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The Legacy


Some ask me as I have begun GoTential, “Do Tentmaker’s really make a difference?” Yes. Yes, they do. Find out more...

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Angels in China


Perhaps someone reading this is stuck in a career, in mid-life and ought to be thinking about shattering their mundane. “Why don’t you go to China, next year?”

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The Zero List


Question: What would it take for a city to get off the “Zero SDA list”? Answer: One SDA family moving there.

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