Jesus with your own eyes

Jesus with your own eyes

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Do you ever wish you could have seen Jesus in action?  Obviously to see Him was an amazing experience.  Crowds of people flocked around Him – ever delighted to watch Him flip fate on it’s head.  Jesus took on the worst of the worst – blind men, dead men, demonized men.  People to whom others had said, “It’s no use,” He treated as noble potential.  With a calming word and simple touch, Jesus turned a person’s hopeless black future into colorful possibility.  

Can you hear the happy chatter and moments of awe in the crowd around Jesus?   A waterfall of gratitude flooded the villages where Jesus walked!  Life were Jesus’ went.  Stone was hand hewn; clothing was hand made, earth was hand plowed – people lived by sweat and providence.  So for these dirty common villagers, workers, peasants, and soldiers – Jesus entered their world and ripped open a shaft of light into their daunting daily struggle.

Recently while I was in Florida, I had the good fortune to visit the headquarters of “The Jesus Film Project.”  If you haven’t heard or seen this film — it is a film made in 1979, based on the book of Luke.  The amazing thing is that it has been carefully put into 1500 audio languages!  (And it is the single most viewed film in history).  Young men and woman carry a solar backpack with a screen and projector and show this film in remote villages throughout Africa and Asia.  Many many people who have never even heard of Jesus are now able to literally SEE JESUS in action through this film! 

Certainly for us we have heard that Jesus did miracles, was beaten, was crucified, and rose to life.  It is moving to us, but can you imagine how it grips someone who NEVER knew such a God/man existed?  Someone who doesn’t know Jesus rose to life — until the film’s end!?  What shouts of excitement in a village where they see Jesus give sight to a blind man! In two hours people literally fall in love with this miracle maker who crushes evil, builds up the oppressed, and puts the proud in their place.  In two hours Jesus becomes their hero.  Then just as faith and attachment are forming, to their shock and horror He is stretched out on a wooden cross!  Tears flow, people sob.  A supernatural admiration forms that goes far beyond the dramatic portrayal.   (Want to see a village LIGHT UP at seeing Jesus for the first time?  Click here.)

As a person wanting to expand the Kingdom of Christ, I write to let you know that the Jesus Film is now been put into the palm of your hand – in 1500 languages!   It is a tool like none other for introducing people to Jesus, and letting them hear Him for themselves.   This app has been skillfully made so you can quickly find and show ANY scene in the life of Christ, in ANY language — and then it provides reflection questions for that portion in that language!  For example if you have a Farsi speaking neighbor, or meet a Hindi speaker in the airport, or have a Mandarin Chinese work associate — you can sit together and either watch the whole movie on your tablet, or smartphone, or simply show a single scene and talk about it!  (The movie has eight different 16 dialects of Arabic to choose from! The purpose? So everyone can hear Jesus in their own language.)  

I write to tell you about this possibility because anyone who is cell phone carrying believer ought to have this app to show of Jesus! 

Jesus’ plan  of course is that — long before there were movies — is that everyone may SEE JESUS – literally animated in the life of Christians. Jesus in you is the greatest movie of all!

Live Your Potential,
B. Parks​


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