Keys to Effective Spiritual Conversations

Keys to Effective Spiritual Conversations

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Likely at different times have you enjoyed spiritual conversations with someone at work or on an airplane and wished that you could have that kind of meaningful “soul impacting” conversation all the time.

Here are three keys for upgrading your spiritual impact when meeting new people and increasing the spiritual content of the relationships you currently have.   

Key 1:
Think, “One Conversation” — When you meet someone new, think of it as the ONE conversation you will get in life with that person.  Look at them in the eye, listen to them, and talk to them like it is the one conversation that will pivot their future.  Challenge yourself to make the conversation you are in rewarding for the other person, so they will remember it.  

  • What have you asked them that helps them unload their life burden?
  • What have you asked them that let’s them know that you care?
  • What have you said that let’s them know you have a deeper side?
  • Have you asked yourself what you might learn from the other person.

Key 2: 
Mindful Questions — Obviously some conversations are shallow because they have to be that way.  HOWEVER, take this challenge to upgrade every conversation through intentional questions.  Think of each conversation as an onion, with different layers — keep your focus on moving conversation to the heart.    

  • Outer layer – “How” questions about weather, sports, and daily events.
  • Middle layer – “What is your opinion about . . . ?” type questions, harvesting opinions.
  • Inner Layer — “Why do you think that?”  type questions, learning motives and values.  
  • Heart Layer — “Tell me more . . .”  This is the layer where hopes and fears are shared without judgement.  

Your conversation will flow most naturally if you work from the outside in. 

Key 3:   
Jesus Out Front — You too have a “heart layer” (see above).  Consider giving people a window to see your heart layer.  When good comes into your life, give Jesus audible credit with the joy and praise He deserves.  When tough times come speak of your faith in Jesus and the promises He has encouraged you with.  When your friends speak of confusing times in their lives reflect audibly on times Jesus has helped you unravel your problems.  Remember, there is no boast you can make about Jesus that is too big.  Let your face reflect the peace of the gospel Jesus has given you.  Keep Jesus out front, and you will be surprised at His magnetism.

Live your Potential,
B. Parks


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