May I pray with you?

May I pray with you?

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Want to be a blessing?  Pray for others. Bring your prayers out of the closet and let those hear them who can appreciate them.  (More below)

Here is a golden key for winning the trust of those you wish to talk to about the Kingdom of Christ:  pray for them in their hearing. 
There are few things you can do to have a more winning effect on another person than to gather up their burdens and with reverence deliver their problems from your lips back into their ears in route to the throne of God.
Pray sincerely with secular people.  Pray with atheists. Pray with Muslims.  Pray with your tattooed neighbor. Pray with your purple haired waitress.  People appreciate a heart felt prayer, and afterward they will value at a higher level you and anything else you share.
Your privilege as a Christian is to WIN people.  Remember, before anybody is going to be won for eternity, you must first win that person’s confidence; win them as a friend.  

By praying for another person, you are literally saying, “For a moment, I will carry your burdens.”  This is why prayer wins confidence.  Prayer is empathetic; it is kind; it is encouraging.  Pray for others in their hearing.  

Here is a good line for you to memorize: “We all have problems and can all use prayer, what can I pray about for you?”  Here are a few more:
    •    “Let me pray for you now okay?”
    •    “Could I pray for a miracle for you?”
    •    “I would like to ask God to solve this for you, may I pray about this for you?

Very simple questions but oh, how effective for winning friends, opening hearts, and shifting spiritual realities!
Of course the power isn’t in your asking.  You have to put your heart and mind into the prayer and really bear their burden and bring it to the throne of Christ in words.  
    No, prayer isn’t a show. 
    No, you aren’t the miracle maker. 
    No, you don’t use prayer to manipulate people or situations.   

That said,
    Yes, you have the power to put people and supernatural love in the same space. 
    Yes, miracles do happen by Jesus.
    Yes, you have authority to bring grace and light into the midst of darkness and despair. 
    Yes, you will win people when you pray for them in their hearing. 

Live Your Potential,
B. Parks

Assignment:  Find an acquaintance and ask them what problems they are having.  Then ask them, “Could I pray about that for you?”  Touch them on the shoulder and pray.


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