Respect and Influence

Respect and Influence

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Your work is your witness

Here are three keys to becoming better in your field of expertise: 
1) Concentration — Nothing really happens until the magnifying glass of your talent focuses in on a subject.  Concentrated light makes fire.  Your act of eliminating all that dilutes your effort will win the results you want.  Concentrated juice is potent because it has removed that which is tasteless.  Concentrate your effort.
2) Repetition — Practice helps you gain momentum.  Do that which you desire to be good at, over and over again.  Repetition sounds a lot like reputation.  An expert supplies quality work again and again.  

3) Pleasure — Odd, but true, the pleasure factor is the aroma of a job well done.  If there is no pleasure in your work, others will sense it and doubt the quality of your work.  IF you can’t take pleasure in your work than find a different work or shift your emphasis as your able.  Pleasure in work has a magnetic draw which is what will give you power in your witness for Jesus. 
Your leverage to influence people for Christ is directly tied to the respect you carry.  People listen to those they respect.  They respect those who do things with excellence.  In other words, the quality of your work as a Tentmaker will help to validate your ideas and faith conversations.  Do what you do well, and others will consider deeply what you have to say. 

Quality work takes intelligent effort, later that quality becomes a habit.   The people around you will envy those habits, admire you, and ask the source of your strength! 
“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” Philippinians 1:6  (NLV)

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