Six areas of Conflict / Six Sources of Peace

Six areas of Conflict / Six Sources of Peace

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Missions is a mingled endeavor of sharing peace and searching for it.  The missionary goes knowing Jesus, and wishing to know him better.  By being a conduit of truth, light and peace, missionaries hope to gain in fuller ways the very thing Jesus is giving others through them.

I invite you to give concentrated thought to the following six areas that can make or break your witnessing goals: 
1) Assurance of Salvation
2) Purpose in Life
3) Harmony at Home
4) Moral Purity
5) Self Image
6) Genuine Friendships.

Each of these six takes principled wisdom to bring them into order in your life.
Notice to lack one of these six, brings a dissonance to life.   To possess them brings a resonance to your life.  

Each of the six requires private contemplation and is requires a strong willful choice.
Whether  you go out as a global Tentmaker or you stay and witness near home, the successful meeting of these SIX are really the only valuable thing you have to give others — because the people you meet will have conflict in their lives to the degree these six are full or empty.

May Jesus use you to be a peace maker.

In Jesus,

B. Parks
Global Chaplain – GoTential​


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