Workplace Wonder

Workplace Wonder

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I was teaching English to the head professor of the anatomy and physiology department at a large university in Turkey.  One day, wiggling my fingers on the table in front of her, I pondered aloud, “Our hands are a magnificent creation aren’t they?”  She smiled and said, “Yes, our human systems are the evidence of God.”  A calm moment of agreement settled in, and then I asked her, “have you read the story of Creation in the Bible?”  A new energy flashed through her eyes as she leaned forward eagerly and said, “I have always heard of that book, what does it say?”  

This educated woman had “heard” there is such a thing as a Bible but had NEVER seen nor read one.  I told her the creation account and then asked her if she would like a Bible of her own.  She was delighted.  As it turned out, it was the beginning of the end of a major problem she had.    

The scripture asks these two poignant questions, “How can someone believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  and how can they hear without a messenger?”   The same scripture answers it’s own questions with this absolute statement: “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  (Rom. 10:14 paraphrase)  

I pause here to ask you two poignant question:
     1) Would you like to see one of your work associates find faith in Jesus in this year? 
     2) Would you be willing to be the messenger communicating God’s Word for your work associate IF God were to appoint you?

The Word of God is unusual in that it is the solution to so so many problems . . . the very kinds of problems that cripple those you work with: Family problems, esteem problems, will-power problems, selfishness problems, debt problems, depression problems, worry problems, fear problems.  The word of God solves the very kind of problems that the people around you have.  Jesus, leaps from the promises and verses to muscle His winning influence into the lives of people who hear them.  

This time of year we hear a lot about “new year resolutions.”  We think of a resolution as a strong press of the will toward some goal.  Rather I would think it useful to read that word differently.  Try this instead of resolution, —  Re—Solution. Re—solution: is letting God find a new solution to an old problem.    What I have found is that the solution God uses over and over again to cure human problems like the one’s around you is His word, not the force of will.  

Here are three things you can do to let God Re-Solution you this year.  
1) Dedicate your WORK and workplace to God.  
A simple prayer:  “God in heaven, my work, my vocation, my company is yours to use as a medium for your Majesties service. I dedicate my time and effort to you.”

2)  Pray by name, privately, for the people you work with.
A simple prayer:  “Father God, I ask that this year you speak with _______.  As their friend I pray the power of the cross would come alive to them.”

3)  Receive an ordination to be the “chaplain” of your company / workplace.  
(You don’t have to tell anyone — this is an arrangement that you make with God. )
A simple prayer:  “God, as you have told me through the Bible that all believers are “priests” in your kingdom, so I step into that role for the work people around me.  I accept your ordination to be a chaplain, to pray for, listen, counsel, and help those I work with.  I am ready – you lead the way.”

Live your Potential,
B. Parks


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