37 cities of 1 million or more with zero to five adventist (and few Christians)

The cities of the following countries are larger than 1 million persons and need to meet a person who has met Jesus.  Some have almost no Adventist presence and in many cases no Adventists at all.  Perhaps God is calling you to share the gospel with one of these Zero List cities.  To get a quick sketch on these locations, select one of the cities from the list. Once you’ve found one you feel called to reach, take an exploratory trip on the web and in your library to learn more.  Then begin your job search for a tentmaker opportunity in that location.  Likely a exploratory visit (travel) will be necessary and prove more fruitful than an internet search.  To read more about the “zero list”

Though these cities are highlighted for their extreme need, there are 100’s of cities  throughout the North Africa, Central Asia, and South East Asia that have few Christians. (Turkey alone has 18,000 villages of 3000 persons with no Christian) If you find a good job in any of these areas, there will be much rejoicing in heaven.