Tentmakers are mission-minded professionals who catalyze disciple-making movements among the people they live and work with.

How does it work?

  • Find a job in your area of expertise – in an “unreached” part of the world.

  • Finance your ministry – with the salary you earn.

  • Cater your ministry – to your spiritual gifts.

  • Look for spiritual seekers – to start a study group with.

  • Connect with other tentmakers – and benefit from personal, cross-cultural, ministry-focused coaching.

“God gives each of us our own unique ways to witness, whether it’s through work or at the gym or on an airplane on the way to another city. Whether you work for the church or not, you should use your passion to connect with others and form relationships, being a Tentmaker wherever you are!”

  • The Legacy

    Some ask me as I have begun GoTential, “Do Tentmaker’s really make a difference?” Yes. Yes, they do. Find out more...

  • Angels in China

    Perhaps someone reading this is stuck in a career, in mid-life and ought to be thinking about shattering their mundane. “Why don’t you go to China, next year?”

  • The Zero List

    Question: What would it take for a city to get off the “Zero SDA list”? Answer: One SDA family moving there.