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Dignity – The Soul through God’s Eyes


Here we come upon a certain truth at the heart of Christ’s method of working for souls — namely he aimed to preserve dignity in those he was reaching out. Dignity was paramount to Jesus’ work. In your soul winning work honor others. Here are three tools:

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Behind the Eyes


What WE believe about other people matters -- but not always! The truth is we can be dead wrong when thinking about what others are thinking. This is the same truth I have found about witnessing. We may assume people aren't interested in Christ. Is that true?

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Gold in Orchard


One of the primary ways Christians drive a wedge between themselves and Muslims is to be the "know it all".  We must remember we are working with someone who is as certain they are right as likely you are.  So to make declarative statements of “the Bible says” rarely go anywhere with your Muslim friends.  Rather, consider, how you can creatively get your Muslim friend to see with new eyes.  Here are three ways to do this:    

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Grace Boomerang


In your daily circumstances, in your workplace, or family there are always opportunities to give grace to others.  When grace becomes your habit, you are really wearing your faith.  Grace smells of Jesus — and that’s an attraction.  

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Golden Windows


The Christian at their workplace is to be a window for the unbeliever to see into a different world. Philippines 3 says, “Our citizenship is in heaven.” What this means is that you, in your professional capacity, are a window for people to look into heaven.

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