What is Tentmaking Training?

GoTential is about people.  We are building leaders to coach other leaders.  We are training professionals to give the gospel and to become trainers themselves for effectively mentoring other soul winners.

We use a personal coaching methodology supplemented by a top online LMS (Learning Management System), to provide a first rate learning experience. 

Tentmakers are contributing to a growing body of knowledge that is alive, fresh and country specific. 

We are working to continually increase our course content through experienced SDA instructors.  Gotential instructors include:  Tentmakers, Bible workers, missionaries and church planters.  Their work in the trenches makes the training practical and insightful.

The best aspect of the training is the opportunity to network with other tentmakers around the globe! (All training is https secure and member access only.)  

Access our Training

Access to GoTential training is reserved for those who are active Tentmakers, or are actively looking for or readying to depart for a job. 

 The first video course called, “Tentmaking 101” is available without registration.  (Click the button below)   After a Gotential personnel has interacted with you, likely through a phone call, email or a Skype interview, they will award you with instructions for gaining access to our secure group website, and other training.