Windows help people escape from fires. But that isn’t their primary purpose.  The primary purpose of a window is to let in light.  (Windows also let the curious mind see what squirrels are doing in the backyard.) 🙂

The Christian at their workplace is to be a window for the unbeliever to see into a different world.   Philippines 3 says, “Our citizenship is in heaven.” What this means is that you, in your professional capacity, are a window for people to look into heaven.  The light of another world streams through the windows of you. The light source? Jesus enthroned in your heart.    

Here in Nebraska I can step from prairie USA into Afghanistan by knocking on a door or two in a certain neighborhood.   The living rooms of these refugees are a clear window into Afghani  culture.  Similarly you as a citizen of heaven are a cultural ambassador modeling heaven for those you are interacting with.  They hear your heart, they look into your eyes and see angelic aspirations, they ponder your peace in trial, and begin to envy the living hope you know.  

Back to those squirrels.  Yes, some will look through your window and think you are nuts.  “Yes, you may think I’m nuts, but I am a nut with a lot of joy.”  Ultimately the steady sanity of a life buoyed by grace wins the day.  For at some point your coworkers are longing for the very light filled insanity you have.  

Here are three keys to keeping the curtains pulled back on the window God has given you:

1.  Focus on worshiping God through your daily life.   Forget about witnessing for a while; keep your eyes on Jesus.  Your God centered life will be a vortex to draw others into your heavenly interests rather than a hurricane to dump your interest on them.  

2.  “Let your thankfulness be known to all.”  Your thankfulness is your testimony that your mind is processing realities differently than them.  Train yourself to see all things working together for your good.  God is doing good all around; voice it.

3.  Brighten the corner where you are.  Any given situation at your work place can be better.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to be in you, around you, to shine through you, and to go about with you.  The Holy Spirit is real and he really wants to work where you work.  His job title bypasses Human Resources.


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