The week before Christmas, several years ago, I was in a hospital holding the hand of an elderly Christian worker just hours before she breathed her last breath.  As I left the hospital I passed the gift shop and noticed a poster with the slogan, “When you care enough to send the very best . . . send flowers.”  
I thought to myself, “Jesus lived by a different motto,  ‘When you care to send the very best . . . send yourself.'”  No roses were nailed to the cross; it was Him.   
Thank heaven He didn’t just send a “Get Well Soon” card: “Dear Earth, so sorry to hear of your miserable condition.  I’m sure you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Love, Jesus.”  Never.  We don’t read in the birth story about shepherds being awakened  by a choir of angels delivering a bouquet of pink carnations relaying the message,  “Glory to God in the Highest! Borne to you this day in the city of David is a lovely floral arrangement in condolence for your misery on earth.”  

Removing His royal garments and moth balling His universal crown, Jesus packaged Himself in human flesh and sent Himself to earth C.O.D (Cuddle On Delivery).  Jesus IS heaven’s best!  Kind sentiments wouldn’t do; even thorns couldn’t bear sin’s savage wage.  Jesus wore the thorns, and bled and bore our sins; it was His best.  
This One who became flesh and dwelt among us now asks YOU and I to live by the same unselfish creed.  “If you care enough to give the best, give of yourself.”  
There is no love in diamonds, plastic, platinum, titanium, nylon, rayon, wood, metal or stone.  Love is packaged in human flesh . . . it is packaged in your hearts’ intent.

How can you give of yourself?

  • Risk your emotion. Open up.  Help other’s open up.  
  • Expend your energy in deep conversation.  Get real with people. Talk of spiritual things with pleasure.
  • Bless people with prayer. 
  • Show love through laughing, listening, visiting, and touching. Touch makes you an electrical conductor of love. Hug. \
  • Your thoughts, hands and heart are YOU and they are what you have to give that really has value. 
  • Take Jesus’ example this Christmas and remember, the only thing He spent was his life, and the only thing He bought was our salvation.  

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